100 idéer för de bästa cheferna, del 3

En av min favorit podcaster är What great bosses know av Jill Geisler,författare till boken Work Happy, What great bosses know.


Podcasten innehåller ledarskaps tips för managers som vill vara ”great bosses”. Bland annat innehåller den 100 idéer för de som vill bli great bosses.

Här kommer del 3 (21-30) av dessa:

21. Don’t lie. If you can’t share information, say so. The trust you build year-round pays off in those moments when you aren’t at liberty to disclose information.

22. Bosses get hurt, frustrated and discouraged – but they don’t take it out on their staff. They vent to other managers or mentors who understand and help, or tell them they’re off base.

23. Bosses who think fear is a motivator usually motivate people to find better bosses.

24. Introverts can learn to step up, speak up and be strong leaders.

25. Extroverts can learn to shut up, listen up and be strong leaders.

26. Build teams, not silos. People in teams work across boundaries, people in silos isolate themselves behind walls.

27. To truly collaborate, find out what makes a great day at work for people who do jobs you don’t do.

28. Conflict isn’t necessarily a war; think of it as perception that people are interfering with each other’s goals. Identify the goals and you’ll move toward solutions.

29. Conflict doesn’t get better if you avoid it. Learn to have tough conversations with strength and sensitivity.

30. Saying you have an “open door” policy doesn’t necessarily mean people feel comfortable stopping in. You need to reach out, too.

Du kan ladda ner hela podcasten av Jill Geisler från The pointer university på Itunes

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