The Surprising Secret to Finding Mentors

Leadership Freak

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The dark side of leadership is worse when you feel alone. Leaders face frustration, disappointment, confusion, doubt, stress, fear, and more. Hopelessness defeats leaders unless they replenish strength and find direction.

Hope is a function of relationship.

Leaders with mentors go further.


  1. Elevate your game.
  2. Believe in your potential and talent.
  3. Challenge limitations.
  4. Protect from danger.
  5. Build character.
  6. Enhance opportunities.
  7. Share their life with candor and transparency.
  8. Solve “with” not “for.”
  9. Exemplify qualities you want to develop.
  10. Connect you with others.

Unexpected secret:

Michael Leavitt, three time governor of Utah, dropped a mentor-nugget in my lap, when we talked about his new book, “Finding Alliances, Building Allies.”

”The way you cultivate good mentors is you figure out what’s important to them…”

Begin with giving. Cultivate mentors by pouring into them before asking them to pour into you. Figure out where they want to go and help…

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