100 idéer för de bästa cheferna, del 8

En av min favorit podcaster är What great bosses know av Jill Geisler,författare till boken Work Happy, What great bosses know.


Podcasten innehåller ledarskaps tips för managers som vill vara ”great bosses”. Bland annat innehåller den 100 idéer för de som vill bli great bosses.

Här kommer del 8 (71-80) av dessa:

71. Email is a constant source of misunderstandings, in part because it lacks tone and can be misread. Remember that the first line in a message sets the tone for what follows.

72. One of the most frequent compliments given to respected bosses is: “They demonstrate calm in the storm.”

73. Not every worthy employee pitches for a promotion. Some are humble; some just assume their work should speak for itself and you’ll notice. Make certain you notice.

74. Diversity builds creativity and quality – and reduces groupthink.

75. The most important thing bosses do is help others succeed.

76. People are required to follow managers. They choose to follow leaders.

77. Employees never forget how you responded when they faced the best and worst times of their lives.

78. Leaders manage meaning. People look to you to help make sense of challenges, joys and concerns. Be ready, honest and hopeful.

79. Bosses disappoint someone every day; it comes with the territory and your many daily decisions. The response from your employees is a measure of your leadership on all the other days.

80. Build critical thinking skills among your staff by deconstructing good and bad decisions. Be a good critical thinker yourself, open to other ways of doing things and new ideas from staff.

Du kan ladda ner hela podcasten av Jill Geisler från The pointer university på Itunes

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