100 idéer för de bästa cheferna, del 10

Planning is an important part of organizational success. But don’t be so wedded to a plan that you won’t amend it for a good reason.

En av min favorit podcaster är What great bosses know av Jill Geisler,författare till boken Work Happy, What great bosses know.


Podcasten innehåller ledarskaps tips för managers som vill vara ”great bosses”. Bland annat innehåller den 100 idéer för de som vill bli great bosses.

Här kommer del 10 (91-100) av dessa:

91. The way you handle mistakes determines how willing people will be to bring you bad news. If people don’t bring the boss bad news, even worse things can happen.

92. Top-down management is usually counterproductive, but smart bosses know when to take control: in crisis, if decisions are risky or expensive, and if people are in such conflict that they’ve created gridlock the boss must break.

93. Hire people who are smarter than you and don’t be intimidated by them.

94. Find reasons big and small to celebrate. There’s no law that says workplaces can’t be happy places.

95. Let people know what you stand for, and what you won’t stand for. Take immediate action against dishonesty or discrimination.

96. You may be a happy workaholic who could live in the office, but don’t create a climate in which people feel they have to emulate you.

97. Really bad bosses – arrogant, ignorant, inept or corrupt – inevitably fail. Their staffs develop guerilla tactics for working around, surviving and ultimately defeating them.

98. Learn how to read a room – take the emotional temperature of your team and respond with what they need. Get calm when they’re nervous and nervous if they’re too calm.

99. You are not the only boss in the world who sometimes hears a voice that says, “Today’s the day they find out you really don’t deserve this job.”

100. If you’ve read through all 100 of these ideas and taken even half of them to heart, the voice is definitely wrong. You deserve that job.

Du kan ladda ner hela podcasten av Jill Geisler från The pointer university på Itunes

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