Tips från USA’s top CEO’s

Forbes har samlat tips från 15 top rankade CEO’s inom small business 2013. Här kommer några av dessa:

Don Bailey, CEO Questcor Pharmaceuticals

“There are three roles of leadership: lead, follow and (or not) get out of the way, and the key is to know when and how to do each”.

Brian Mueller, CEO, Grand Canyon Education Inc.

“Don’t be afraid to be bold and don’t be afraid to take on the status quo. Make your plans big and then, in the middle of that, make sure everybody wins. There has to be balance.”

Harry Herington, CEO, NIC

“I have three children and have told them time and again to follow their passion – not the dollar. I don’t dwell on what issues might keep me awake at night – I’m setting goals according to what motivates me to get up in the morning. Focus on what you are passionate about.”

Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO, EPAM Systems

“If I want to expect from people an ‘extra mile,’ people should trust that I would be ready to walk that ‘extra mile’ myself too. Such trust is built up over the years, and that specific trust is very easy to lose.”

Se alla på Forbes hemsida



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