100 idéer för de bästa cheferna, del 7

En av min favorit podcaster är What great bosses know av Jill Geisler,författare till boken Work Happy, What great bosses know.


Podcasten innehåller ledarskaps tips för managers som vill vara ”great bosses”. Bland annat innehåller den 100 idéer för de som vill bli great bosses.

Här kommer del 7 (61-70) av dessa:

61. Organizations today need to be nimble to respond to business changes or opportunities. But “being nimble” should not be confused with “having no plan.”  Have a strategy and a plan for executing it.

62. Sayings to avoid: “Do it because I’m the boss and I said so.”

63. Sayings to avoid: “If you don’t hear from me, assume you are doing a good job.”

64. Sayings to avoid: “Don’t expect thanks from me for doing your job. Your paycheck is your thanks.”

65. The most dangerous response from employees: “Just tell me what you want.” It means you’ve driven out independent thinking.

66. Organizational culture is more than slogans and traditions. It’s assumptions so deep people don’t even talk about them. To change a culture you have to identify and change old assumptions.

67. Time-challenged bosses who want to provide more feedback can’t add hours to their days, but they can consciously upgrade the quality of each connection they make with people to include specific words of feedback.

68. What you measure is what you value. The metrics you use drive performance – for better or worse. What are you measuring?

69. It’s up to you to adapt to your boss’ style. Managing your boss is key to the success of your team and your own career.

70. Work and life are never really in balance because balance means identical measures of work and home time. Strive for work-life harmony instead, where the benefits of each aspect of your life make you more happy and valuable.

Du kan ladda ner hela podcasten av Jill Geisler från The pointer university på Itunes

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