100 idéer för de bästa cheferna, del 9

En av min favorit podcaster är What great bosses know av Jill Geisler,författare till boken Work Happy, What great bosses know.


Podcasten innehåller ledarskaps tips för managers som vill vara ”great bosses”. Bland annat innehåller den 100 idéer för de som vill bli great bosses.

Här kommer del 9 (81-90) av dessa:

81. Planning is an important part of organizational success. But don’t be so wedded to a plan that you won’t amend it for a good reason.

82. Trust is the “killer app” of leadership. People choose to follow those they respect and who they believe have their best interests at heart.

83. In changing times, when people are trying new things, look for “quick wins” – small victories that help them feel confidence and see success.

84. Learn to manage across generations. Don’t succumb to stereotypical thinking that your elders are burned out and younger staffers are slackers. Learn about their lives and their influences and manage them accordingly.

85. Brainstorming meetings work best if you make them safe places. Ask people to withhold criticism while ideas are flowing.

86. Don’t set yourself up as the sole ethics guru of your work group. Build a culture in which everyone knows how to think through ethical challenges.

87. Training is often the first victim of a tough economy. Be creative. You have smart people on staff who can teach and coach others.

88. Who’s the best boss you boss ever worked for? Figure that out and you’ll get insights into what your manager values in a leader and how you measure up.

89. Too many bosses neglect to think strategically and focus only on their slice of the organization. Smart bosses look at the big picture, always re-examining systems and structure to connect with organizational goals.

90. If you’re asked to lead a new team, go on a listening tour. Get to know people and solicit ideas for improvement before making your own changes

Du kan ladda ner hela podcasten av Jill Geisler från The pointer university på Itunes

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